Cardio Blast is my absolute favourite class for an all over body workout.  Perfect for both men and women over 16yrs.  This class is a high energy, fat burning, core strengthening, bum lifting, thigh thrashing hour of madness.  Oh, and a lovely stretch too.  Cardio Blast is sure to whip you back into shape and lift your spirits. Perfect for runners or cyclists to build strength and endurance, or for anyone looking for a new workout to get them back in the swing of things and burn some calories. 

Come and give it a go!

PureStretch is

my wonderful new

discovery.  Calming

and re-energising,

this class is fantastic

for core strengthening

and flexibility.  Give your posture a make-over!

Check it out at:


Bye Bye Zumba...........

...........hello CARDIO BLAST!   (I need some new photos!)  After 4 years of wiggling and shimmying to crazy latin music and having an absolute ball, it’s time to get down to business!  I wanna see some sweat!

Dance is like marmite, you love it or you hate it, so what I have created with Cardio Blast is a workout that appeals to the majority.  Not just the bum wigglers.  Cardio Blast involves no crazy dance moves but I can promise you we will have heaps of fun and better butts as a result.  Hurrah! x